Top 20 Albums (in random order) #30: London After Midnight – Psycho Magnet

*******London After Midnight – Psycho Magnet********

Somewhere around 1998, and for a few years, I went through a huge Gothic phase. Not with any weird dressing up, make up or hairdo, but strictly in terms of the music I was focusing on. I got really into the whole scene, starting from any darkwave/new wave sounds from the late 70s, early 80s, going through the straight gothic stuff, and enhancing the whole experience with more modern EBM/electric goth sounds.

And even though some bands I knew before and loved already (Joy Division, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Wolfsheim, Bauhaus), I started exploring this genre and was really fascinated by the whole thing. I realized there were hundreds of bands, some quite huge in terms of fan base, that I have never even heard before. It was like learning for the first time that there are let’s say…fruit in this world. You want to see them all, feel them all, taste them all. And so I did with goth music.

The band that got me most obsessed with was “London After Midnight”. What a fantastic name right? I can’t even remember how I came across this one, if it was something I read somewhere or just found a cd at the stores I was hanging out. But I remember buying their album “Oddities” and falling in love.

“Oddities” was a sort of compilation cd, with some acoustic versions, some live versions, a couple of new songs and remixes. It was mind-blowing for me. Getting to know more and more about the band, I was fascinated by their whole image. Vampire-pretenders, so gothic-like, playing around with a sort of transvestite appearance, that even made me mistake a couple of the members for (beautiful) women while looking for the first time at pictures. But even though I could understand this whole thing to be a gothic way of exploitation, it still gave me something new and so much different from what I was used to til then from alternative rock, indie, britpop, even metal bands.

Yes, 12 years later I find hair-metal bands from the 80s far more exciting and FUN than goths, especially in terms of attitude and style, but at that age, having just finished school and starting to fully experience life for the first time (in the most rebellious way I could think of at the time – drinking, smoking etc) goths looked pretty cool.

Nevertheless, style and image aside, the music always leaves me overly satisfied. And “London After Midnight” are my favorites (if you take The Cure and Siouxsie out of the race).

Psycho Magnet is the band’s second album. It was very hard to choose Psycho Magnet over their first album “Selected Scenes from the End of the World” . I love both and all the songs in them. But since I had to pick one, I went with PM because it has a much better production value than SSFTEOTW. It also features my favorite song, “Shatter”.  There’s really not much more to say about it. Goth is something really hard to sell anyway.

I leave you with this:

“you did it again, yes you in the mirror, you put your faith in a cruel world, all my dead friends come to haunt, harm and hinder, never letting go, here to drag me down to hell, just say goodbye” Shatter


  1. “Psycho Magnet” – 4:17
  2. “Where Good Girls Go to Die” – 4:19
  3. “Innocence Lost (Intro)” – 0:27
  4. “Kiss” – 6:22
  5. “Shatter (All My Dead Friends)” – 6:09
  6. “The Bondage Song” – 1:56
  7. “A Letter to God” – 2:59
  8. “Carry On… Screaming (Ruins)” – 5:06
  9. “Theme from the Film Love and Affliction” (Remix) – 2:59
  10. “HATE!” – 4:49
  11. “Where Good Girls Go to Die” (Edit Mix) – 4:19
  12. “Kiss” (Ra Mix)” – 4:32


Shatter (live)

Kiss (live)

Psycho Magnet


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