For now

She put her hands inside my palm

And I lost track of time in this kingdom of mine

As the rain poured around us

And the wind picked up

I was lost inside her stare and I swear

Where a woman used to be I saw a girl


Her hair bright as the sun

Picking up sparkles from faraway lands

And that stare of hers, was more than I could take

How young, and innocent it made me feel

For between then and now there’s so much more

I don’t know how long I can ignore

The calling, her calling, I adore


The waves are coming through every breath

She takes, when I hold her close to my face

And she looks down while biting her lips

And I swear, I swear this could never have been

For the time just passes by so cruel

A countdown to what I never knew


I ran, I ran as far as I could

But she’s always been to the first place I ever knew

And I came back home again

Yet it took, some time to reach out for her

I don’t care what day it is or where we are

All I know is what I see in front of my eyes

And she looks, she’s looking back at me

The green vastness of bliss


The wolf, the wolf around her arm

Marks the spot where I laid down my arms

And for now, for now I am hers

No, no, it’s not that I’m falling

I have fallen, already inside her lair

And for now, for now I am hers



~ by AbsenceofTime on June 29, 2012.

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