Cosmic harmony

Things evolve all the time. Nothing stays the same. Lying to oneself about not changing is as cruel as saying that change comes in small steps.

Change is sudden and change is huge. All the time. That is why change is important.


Revolving doors are like stars in the sky flickering out of existence from a time gone by. We go through them full of hopes and dreams but if we don’t step out the right moment, well, we are sucked back out into our initial point of consciousness.


Material world is one step closer to fantasy every time we kiss somebody’s face instead of their soul. Holding hands, walking up and down in busy streets, caressing hair, all are fragments of an imagination running wild at the expense of pure improvisation. Replicating old behavioral patterns to the point of making life a time warp to the infinite number of repetitions.


Dissecting words for the sake of compromising feelings, allowing the mind to tamper with the thin line that keeps the in out sanity. We dare not breath out unless we breath in.


Forever delayed in our own pursuits of happiness we built bridges only to burn them so that we can look frantically at the unapproachable, sighing and cursing our fate.


Misery is a friend, sadness is a blessing, truth is but a mask covering the face of absurdity in a world governed by inexplicable white lies.


There is a song that keeps playing in our heads that dictates the way we choose to die. We focus on the meaningless ends of a twisted string that begins and ends at the same point, our desire.


Socialites, we are not. We are only collecting memories that have no true power over the vast deserts of the after world.


Breeding to expand our wishes over generations, trying to fill in the gaps adopted by our parents, we excuse ourselves and leave the table to flush down the toilet whatever we were given and never really earned, never really valued.


The love we make, the pain we take, the joy we give, come as easy to our heroic efforts to become obsolete in life, that we remain idle, but never the same.


Everything fits together nicely. There is a cosmic harmony that balances the odd with the even. Yet, we do not acknowledge this serenity in life, but we seek new ways to tip the scale in somebody else’s favor.


What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours. An eye for an eye and a life for us all. Sacrificing poetry to save banality, the modern remains modern, even when it’s the decadent enclosure of the past.

Relationships to a fragile existence of sensitivity over logic, crumble down like a house of cards. We want, we belong, we adore. We give, we take, we lose. What’s in me, what’s in you, a world apart, so small.


You want to let go and give in to feelings, baffled by the logical repercussions of happiness. The vast number of possibilities only perplexes things, creating a surreal juxtaposition of endless instants in time full of broken dreams.


Compromising is the new safe word.


Still, what comes to pass, will change forever who we are, even when we feel we are still the same, discarding the pieces of the puzzle that point to one final solution, absolution.


We put ourselves out there, grabbing the arms of others in the darkness of anonymity, pushing them into our circle of trust. We scream for meaning in a life where we are utterly alone in rooms full of others. And another will come and then another, and another, and another.


Go away. Sail away. Drown. Survive. The battle will never be won. It never has been. A battle won signifies the end of all wars. Change won’t come in light or darkness. Change comes in segments of gray. Ambiguous signals on stained walls.


A cosmic harmony of colors representing moods. We have learnt to be incomprehensible. And we suffer in our own inability to connect. Chipping the edges of our souls to become completely incapable of fitting.


But what if we do fit. After all our edges have become so rugged. What then?






~ by AbsenceofTime on April 7, 2013.

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